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Access to Healthy & Affordable Food

MRCC members work on multiple sides of the food supply chain.  We work with independent family farm producers to help them get their products to market. We also help rural families get the food they need in their often remote locations at a price they can afford.  

MRCC understands and works to address food insecurity in both rural and urban communities, where economic injustice and corporate food chains force family farmers out of business, and simultaneously create food deserts for low-income urban neighborhoods. The corporate takeover of our food system impacts all citizens. A healthy food chain requires economically-viable family farms and urban consumers who have access to fresh, local food at affordable prices.

Patchwork Family Farms

Patchwork Family Farms

is a 


ooperative marketing effort made up of independent Missouri family hog farmers who want to bring their family farm-raised pork products to you, 

and a program of 

Missouri Rural Crisis Center


MRCC launched Patchwork Family Farms in 1993 to give Missouri’s independent family farm hog producers an alternative market to the commodity market that was becoming and has become concentrated and captured by a few multi-national corporations, putting family farmers out of business, extracting wealth from our rural communities and damaging our food security. 

Patchwork Family Farms purchases hogs directly from local, independent family farmers, and producers raise their hogs the traditional way, outside without use of sub-theraputic antibiotics; and, we have a price floor and pay significantly above market price, to ensure our producer members get a fair and good price for their hogs no matter how low the commodity market goes, keeping them in business and supporting local economies and food systems

By purchasing Patchwork Family Farm pork products, you are directly supporting independent agriculture, rural economies and Missouri farm families.

MRCC Food Cooperatives

MRCC started our Food Cooperative program in the 1980’s during the farm crisis as an emergency food program. Since, we have transitioned the program into a food cooperative that includes 8 coop distributions that serves 18 Missouri counties. This program provides rural families with high-quality, affordable food where access is limited and resources are scarce. Members receive vegetables, fruit, bread, dry goods, other staples and Patchwork Family Farms meat. Last year, MRCC coops distributed 206,500+ pounds of food.

MRCC has coops in Chillicothe, Gravois Mills, Ivy Bend, Macon, Moberly, Sedalia and Smithton.

To participate or volunteer for MRCC’s Food Coops, contact Monica at the MRCC office at monica@morural.org or (573) 449-1336.

Growing the Local Food Chain

As part of MRCC’s goal towards rural and urban collaboration, our Growing the Local Food Chain in Missouri project is working to build a stronger food justice and local food presence. Our project deepens MRCC’s engagement with rural and urban youth, adults and families through experiential and educational activities focused on local food and food justice. We host events like youth workshops, cooking demonstrations, urban/rural partnership initiatives, and community gardening in St. Louis and mid-Missouri.

MRCC’s Farms are for Everyone Farm Camps are bridging the gaps between urban and rural, young and old, and consumers and producers–by building unity among diverse groups. Farm Camp exposes youth to rural ways of life, teaches them about sustainable family farm livestock production and local food preparation, and offers a fun environment for rural and urban kids to interact and build life-long friendships centered around agriculture and food justice.

Gaby Patch Kids Cooking Program brings together youth, local producers, and chefs to empower kids to cook the food for themselves and their families. 


MRCC and Patchwork Family Farms bring Food to Mid-Missouri During Covid

We know the need continues, and we are dedicated to finding ways we can keep helping and advocating for the people, local businesses, and communities that have supported us over the last nearly 3 decades.

Supporting Local Restaurants

Encouraging people to buy from local restaurants and grocery stores that support local farmers by highlighting them on social media and email lists with our #BuyLocalCoMO campaign.

MRCC’s Immediate & Long-term Response to COVID-19

When COVID-19 hit communities across our state, we knew we had to take immediate action to help where we could. Our initial response was to provide family farm pork to those who lost their jobs, were underemployed, or simply up against it. All in all, we distributed nearly 10 tons of Patchwork Family Farms pork to people in over 20 Missouri counties, as well as served 2,500 hot meals to families who really needed it.

Access to Family Farm Food

Get people the family farm food they need by distributing Patchwork Family Farm Relief Boxes.

Family Farms vs. Corporate Ag

The pandemic has spotlighted the lack of resiliency of our current corporate food system and how they care little for the vast majority of people out here, while again demonstrating the need to relocalize.

Taking on Corporate Agriculture

Organizing to demand that public stimulus funding goes to independent family farms and local businesses in need, not corporate Ag.

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Why Join MRCC’s Membership

MRCC is able to deliver meaningful victories because of the ability to call people into action with mailings, meetings, phone calls, research, and action alerts.  By joining MRCC, you are investing in your future and the future of independent farmers and consumers across the country.

  • Support Family Farmers and Rural Community
  • Promote a safe, affordable high-quality food supply for consumers. 
  • Protect the environment for future generations. 
  • Create economic opportunities for Missouri.
  • Engage Missourians in the democratic process.