Soap: Deforest Soap Company


DeForest Soaps: from our hearts to your home; local, quality products rooted in traditional greatness. Deforest Soap Co. is now using lard made from Patchwork Family Farms hogs in their all-natural soaps! You can buy their soaps at the MRCC/Patchwork Family Farms office (at 1906 Monroe Street), Hy-Vee, and Clovers in Columbia.

DeForest Soap Company strives to provide a natural cleansing bar with ingredients you can pronounce, oils that nourish your body, and essential extracts to delight your senses. DeForest Soaps are handcrafted in Kansas City, Missouri by our family. Our products are of exceptional quality, made in small batches using time-honored traditions; slowly, with care, and only the best natural ingredients.

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