Patchwork Family Farms sells to wholesale accounts in mid-Missouri and St. Louis, and directly to consumers from our office and retail outlet in Columbia. We can ship cured product anywhere in the U.S.!

The Patchwork Story

Looking for Family Farm Pork?—Look No Further!

Patchwork Family Farms is a project of MRCC composed of independent Missouri family hog farmers, who want to bring their product to you, the local consumer. Our cooperative livestock production and sales model supports independent producers, protects the environment and creates jobs for rural community members.

We believe in raising pork the traditional way using sustainable and humane growing standards.  The result is a natural and premium quality product. We also ensure that farmers receive a fair price for what they produce. This is important because the current hog marketplace is not open, fair or competitive. When you purchase Patchwork Family Farms products, you support Missouri’s family farms, independent agriculture and rural economies!

Questions about Patchwork? Contact us at (573) 443-1568 or patchwork@morural.org.

Patchwork Family Farms is in Feast Magazine! Check out our #BuyLocalCoMo local food highlight in the March edition. 

Patchwork Growing Standards

  • Livestock must be owned by independent family farmers.
  • Synthetic growth promoters are prohibited.
  • No sub-therapeutic and/or non-therapeutic antibiotics are allowed.
  • Animals must receive adequate amounts of sunshine, fresh air and quality feed necessary to maintain good health.
  • Animals are raised with social responsibility, using environmental stewardship and sustainable growing practices.