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Missouri Rural Crisis Center’s Food Cooperative Program Has Brought Food and Supplies to Missouri’s Rural Communities Since the 80’s

MRCC’s Food Cooperative Program started as an emergency food program during the Farm Crisis of the 80’s and helped get people in rural areas the food and supplies they needed during difficult and challenging times. 

In the 90’s, MRCC transitioned the program into a food cooperative, and currently delivers items such as fresh fruits and vegetables, staples such as cereal and flour, canned goods, dish and laundry soap, bread and Patchwork Family Farms pork to families in 8 different communities serving 20 counties. 

Now the Food Cooperative is a lifeline for many during these challenging times.  Contact us to learn more about how you can volunteer to help or become a co-op member.




How does the Co-op Work and Who is Eligible?

The program is open to any MRCC member with a minimum donation of $10 a year.

The food program costs $22 for each “unit” each month, cost may vary slightly by chapter.  Families can order up to 3 units a month and can skip months if they wish. FYI: $22 does not cover the whole cost of the items and administering the program, which MRCC helps offset. 

Each month, families receive food staples such as: canned goods, dry goods, bread, fruit and produce, cleaning supplies, 3 to 4 packages of Patchwork Family Farms pork, and eggs.

Where Can you Find the MRCC Co-op Food Program

MRCC’s Food Cooperative relies on the work of community volunteers. MRCC members contribute hundreds of volunteer hours every year to make the program run smoothly. The program is divided into chapters, with each chapter serving local counties throughout Missouri, and coordinated by chapter leaders. Volunteers at each location sort and distribute the food into shares. Participants pick up their share at the drop off spot on their designated day each month.


Drop off spots inlcude:

  • Macon
  • Moberly
  • Chillicothe
  • Sedalia
  • Smithton
  • Versailles
  • Gravios Mills
  • Columbia

To learn more about MRCC’s Food Co-op or to volunteer to help, call MRCC at (573) 449-1336.  

Patchwork Family Farms

MRCC’s Food Cooperatives are committed to supporting Missouri’s independent family farmers by providing Missouri-raised pork to co-op members from Patchwork Family Farms, a program of MRCC and group of independent Missouri hog farmers. Through Patchwork Family Farms, MRCC supports independent farm families whose livelihoods support and strengthen their rural communities. Patchwork Family Farm producers raise their hogs the traditional way with great care, with plenty of access to fresh air and sunshine and without the use of non-therapeutic antibiotics. Every member of our Food Cooperative receives 3-4 packages (4-6 lbs) of Patchwork Family Farms pork each month they order a share.