Missouri Health Care Network

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Missouri’s Health Care Network

It is a challenge for rural communities in Missouri to establish and sustain a health care system which provides essential health services to their community.

Missouri office of Rural Health (MORH) assumes a leadership role in working or contracting with state and federal agencies, universities, private interest groups, communities, foundations and local health centers to develop rural health initiatives and maximize the use of existing resources to assist rural hospitals and clinics be a success.

Understanding Missouri’s Rural Health Care Network

Rural Health Hospitals

Missouri currently has 164 licensed hospitals with 72 of 45% of them being in rural areas.  Of those 72 rural hospitals 36 have 25 beds or less.  Over the last six years 10 have closed.  

Rural Health Clinics

The majority of Missouri’s poplutaion lives in urban areas and much of the rural popluation has to travel great distances to access quality and diverse care. The Rural Health Clinics help to provide services in rural areas.  

Federally Qualified Health Centers

Federally Qualified Heath Centers are community based health care providers that recieve funds from the HRSA health center program to provide pimary care services to underserved areas.  They provide services regardless of ability to pay and have a sliding fee scales.

Safety Net Hospitals


Local Health Agencies

Local Health Agencies

Community Mental Health Centers


Family Planning and STD Centers


Missouri Health Care Access Volunteer Activities

This complex issues requires support for programs, education and focus on supporting candiates that have a plan for rural healthcare support.

What can we do the support this issue?

  • hold meetings with local communities to gather support and educate.
  • Phone bank
  • Supporting local candidates
  • Educate

Currently we are looking for volunteers and support.  If you are interested in helping out get involved with us. 

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