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Local Control of Our Food Supply

The process has started to bring the Beef Checkoff to a vote.  The R-CALF has launched a national petition drive that spans July 2nd 2020 through July 1st 2021.  During this time 10% of cattle producers must sign the petition to bring it to a referendum before the Secretary of Agriculture.  This represents 88,269 cattle producers must sign to take this historic step towards breaking the cattle industry loose from corporate and government control. 

Local Control…

What is the Beef Checkoff?

The Beef Checkoff was established as part of the 1985 farm bills.  It created a $1 per head collection that was supposed to support the beef industry. 

Were do Beef Checkoff $'s go?

The $1 head tax collected on each head of cattle is given to the States Cattlemen’s Beef Promotion and Research Board.

Who are the Cattlemen's Beef Board?

The Cattlemen’s Beef Board is made up of 99 memebers appointed by the Secretary of State.  The board members can be from domestic beef, dairy and veal production as well as importers of beef and beef products. The members must be nominated by organizations that represent beef or dairy producers or by importer associations.  The board approves the annual budget for the checkoff funded programs. 

Now is the National Cattlemen's Beef Association Involved?

The NCBA is a checkoff contractor.  They are also a marketing organizaton and trade association of US cattle producers.  They represent large corporate interests with parternships with CAFO corporations and food industry organizations that do not represent the interests of family farming. 

Do Missouri Farmers' support the Beef Checkoff?

In 2016 Missouri cattle farmers voted NO on a campaign in add an additional beef check off for missouri cattle.  The new money grab would have caused 50,000 cattle farmers to pay $2 million a year into a new unaccounable state beef checkoff program. 

Are you a Beef Producer that wants to sign the petition?

Requirements to sign:

  • Any cattle producer, regardless of age who has owned, sold or purchased cattle from July 2, 2020, to July 1, 2021, is eligible to sign the petition.
  • Any person younger than 18 years of age must have a parent or guardian co-sign the petition.
  • A person who signs the petition on behalf of a corporation or other entity must be authorized to do so. No proxy signature is permitted.
  • Any individual member of a group, who is an eligible person separate from the group, may request a referendum separately.

What is happening to Missouri Cattle Farmers?

Beef consumption is down 35% and over 40% of Missouri Cattle operations have gone out of business while large corporate farms have expanded and imported beef continues to expand it’s reach.

How large is the Missouri Cattle Industry?

Missouri Cattle farmers raise over 4 million heads of cattle, on more than 50,000 farms encompassing nearly 10 million acres of farmland.  The sale of cattle ranks 2nd for total sales in Missouri agriculture.  

How is Missouri Cattle Producers Split by size.

Small farms with less than 50 heads of cattle make up 79.9% of operations and have 38% of beef inventory.  Farms with 50 to 99 heads of cattle make up 13% of the opperations with 23.6% of inventory. Farms with 100 to 499 heads have 7.1 of the operations but have 32.6% of the inventory and very large farms with over 500 head of cattle make up just 3% of the operations and 5.8% of the inventory.  This means large farms represent 7.4% of the opperations have 38.4% of the inventory.  These corporate farms are the ones represented by the NCBA in their “marketing” efforts. 

What do I need to have to fill out the petition?

  • Full name of person or entity represented 
  • Signature and printed name (signature of parent or guardian of any person signing under the age of 18)
  • Complete mailing address
  • Daytime Telephone Number (home, business or cell)
  • Email address (if available)
  • Date petition was signed

Helpful Resource Links

Local Control Volunteer Activities

We have until July 1st 2021 to get our voices heard about a new Beef Checkoff Vote.  If we can get the petition ratified we can have a national referendum. 

Small cattle producers have been unrepresented by the cattlemen’s beef board since the beef checkoff was created.  The funds are being used to support corporate agriculture, foreign firms and unsafe and inhumane practices.  Together we can put this to a vote.  

What can we do the support this issue?

  • hold meetings with local communities to gather support and educate.
  • Phone bank
  • Supporting local candidates
  • Educate

Currently we are looking for volunteers and support.  If you are interested in helping out get involved with us. 

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