Every day MRCC fights to preserve family farms and independent family farm livestock production, promote stewardship of the land and a safe, affordable high-quality food supply, support social justice and economic opportunity, and engage rural Missourians in public policies that impact their farms, food, families and communities.  In addition, MRCC plays leadership roles in national and international efforts for fair farm and trade policies.

MRCC is able to deliver meaningful victories because we have the ability to call people into action with mailings, meetings, phone calls, research, and action alerts.  By joining, you are investing in your future and the future of independent farmers and consumers across the country.

  • Supporting family farmers and rural communities.
  • Promoting a safe, affordable, high-quality food supply for consumers.
  • Protecting the environment for future generations.
  • Creating economic opportunity in rural Missouri.
  • Engaging Missourians in the democratic process.

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Patchwork Family Farms

Building the Alternative

In the early 1990’s MRCC built Patchwork Family Farms, a cooperative marketing effort of independent family hog farmers in Missouri that produces and markets family farm pork to grocery stores, restaurants and directly to consumers.  Patchwork producers are committed to raising hog the right way—with great care and plenty of access to fresh air and sunshine and without the use of sub-therapeutic antibiotics.

  • We prohibit the use of growth hormones, and hogs are not allowed to be fed sub-therapeutic antibiotics
  • Animals have plenty of access to fresh air and sunshine
  • Producers use environmental responsibility with their growing practices
  • Every time you buy Patchwork products you directly support independent Missouri family farmers


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