Growing Sustainable Farms & Food Security in Missouri Initiative

The collaborative effort between Patchwork Family Farms and our network of Limited-Income Food Cooperatives is designed to further enhance and develop environmentally and economically sound local food systems in Missouri through infrastructure development, consumer and farmer public policy education and organizing. We will work to build increased demand for locally-produced foods and facilitate the development of a local food infrastructure that ensures an open, consistent supply of food raised by Missouri family farmers using sustainable production methods and made available to all Missourians regardless of social or economic status.

MRCC Food Cooperatives

MRCC’s 8 coops serve 18 Missouri counties. This program provides rural families with high-quality, affordable food where access is limited and resources are scarce. Members receive vegetables, fruit, bread, dry goods, other staples and family farm meat. Last year, MRCC coops distributed 206,500+ pounds of food.

MRCC has coops in Chillicothe, Gravois Mills, Ivy Bend, Macon, Moberly, Sedalia and Smithton.

To participate or volunteer for MRCC’s Food Coops, call Monica at the MRCC office (573) 449-1336.


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Its MRCC’s 35th Anniversary