Federal Farm and Food Policy Project

MRCC members work for federal farm and food policies that support independent family farmers and rural communities, challenge corporate control over the marketplace and agricultural industry, and ensure access to affordable, high-quality food raised by independent farm families.

Our federal farm and food priorities are primarily focused on efforts to improve livestock competition, expose and challenge taxpayer-funded corporate subsidies, address food safety, security and nutrition programs and positively influence Farm Bill debates and subsequent implementation.

So-Called “Free Trade”

So-called “free trade agreements” have dramatically increased the profits of multi-national corporate agribusiness at the expense of U.S. farmers & farmers around the world. These trade deals take power away from our local & state elected representatives & puts decision-making power into the hands of an international unelected, unaccountable body—a virtual corporate, global constitution.

Country of Origin Labeling (COOL)

COOL allows consumers to know where the meat on the grocery store shelves is from, and to choose meat that is born, raised and processed in the U.S.

Mandatory COOL was implemented in 2009 and led to steady increase in fed cattle until its repeal in 2015. Immediately after COOL was repeal, American cattle producers saw a 34% drop in price in one year.

Ever since COOLs creation, the multi-national meatpackers and the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association (NCBA) conducted an all-out affront on COOL effectively repealing COOL in 2015.

MRCC members have made it clear that COOL is important to Missouri farmers and consumers, and we must continue to keep the pressure on policymakers to ensure the right of consumers to know where their meat comes from.

Please Call YOUR Congressperson & Senator’s Blunt & Hawley
Tell them that American farm families & consumers have a right to know if their meat is raised, slaughtered and processed in the United States or not—protect our right to know and reinstate Country of Origin Labeling.

Call your Congressperson by calling the Capitol Switchboard with your zip code at (202) 224-3121.

Call Senator Blunt at (202) 224-5712
Call Senator Hawley at (202) 224-6154


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