Every day MRCC fights to preserve family farms and independent family farm livestock production, promote stewardship of the land and a safe, affordable high-quality food supply, support social justice and economic opportunity, and engage rural Missourians in public policies that… Read More

Factory Farms and State Policy

One of the most important environmental, economic and social issues confronting agricultural communities is the future structure and practices of the livestock industry. The issue is whether livestock will be dispersed across the countryside on a variety of farms typified… Read More

Federal Farm and Food Policy Project

MRCC members work for federal farm and food policies that support independent family farmers and rural communities, challenge corporate control over the marketplace and agricultural industry, and ensure access to affordable, high-quality food raised by independent farm families. Our federal… Read More

Growing Sustainable Farms & Food Security in Missouri Initiative

The collaborative effort between Patchwork Family Farms and our network of Limited-Income Food Cooperatives is designed to further enhance and develop environmentally and economically sound local food systems in Missouri through infrastructure development, consumer and farmer public policy education and… Read More

Rural Healthcare Initiative

MRCC is focused on continuing to organize, advocate and increase greater support among rural Missourians for policies that expand access to quality, affordable healthcare for farm and rural families and every Missourian. Rural Missourians face unique healthcare challenges—we have older… Read More


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