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UPDATE: Momentum is building–Autumn Organizing for Family Farms & Local Control.

2019 saw the most egregious attack ever on local control with the fight against and passage of Senate Bill 391. Our voices made the CAFO bill one of the most contentious in the whole legislative session. How worried were they?… Read More

We need Local Control, not corporate control.

We need Local Control, not corporate control. Why? Corporate Ag and their public relations and campaign firms want us to believe that Missouri family farms are the same as corporate factory farms, but that couldn’t be further from the truth…. Read More

Senate Bill 391 eliminates local control, putting our farms, families, water & air and property rights at risk

Senator Mike Bernskoetter, the new Chair of the Senate Ag Committee, sponsored and is advancing a bill (Senate Bill 391) that will strip Local Control from rural counties, taking away our right to protect our farms, families, water and air,… Read More

Stop Factory Farms in Missouri-Support Family Farms, Clean Water & Democracy

There are numerous factory farms trying to set up shop in our state. Factory farms pollute our environment, create significant health concerns, deprive property owners of their rights, put family farms out of business and have little to no accountability… Read More

Run to Support Independent Livestock Producers: Call MO Senators TODAY–Tell Them To Support Senator Grassley’s Bill to Ban Packers Owning Livestock

Want to help curb corporate control of agriculture?–Of course you do! and it only takes a few seconds of your time. Senator Chuck Grassley (R-IA) recently introduced a bill that bans meatpackers from being able to own livestock more than… Read More

YOU Helped Preserve Local Control & Protect Family Farms

We all have had some very important and major wins in the 2015 Legislative Session protecting LOCAL CONTROL and preserving “Our Right to Know”!  You Protected Local Control– The anti-local control Agri-Ready language in Senate Bill 131 was removed this week and House Bill… Read More

MRCC Leads in Fight Against “Right to Farm”

On Tuesday, August 4th, half a million Missourians agreed with MRCC—that the “Right to Farm” constitutional amendment is a horrible idea that supports corporate interests at the expense of family farms, the environment and de-mocracy. This was an incredible campaign,… Read More