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Stop the New Missouri Beef Checkoff!

STOP the New Missouri Beef Checkoff Tax In order to Vote NO on this corporate money grab— Cattle Producers Must Register before March 4th The Missouri Department of Agriculture is holding a referendum to add a new beef checkoff tax. If… Read More

YOU Helped Preserve Local Control & Protect Family Farms

We all have had some very important and major wins in the 2015 Legislative Session protecting LOCAL CONTROL and preserving “Our Right to Know”!  You Protected Local Control– The anti-local control Agri-Ready language in Senate Bill 131 was removed this week and House Bill… Read More

The Beef Checkoff—It’d be funny if it weren’t so deceitful and out of touch.

It’d be funny if it weren’t so deceitful and out of touch—and could cost Missouri cattle producers a lot of money. Some organizations just don’t get it—farmers don’t need or want any more government check-offs. The Missouri Cattlemen’s Association is… Read More

Stop the “RACE to the BOTTOM”! Tell Congress–VOTE NO on Fast-Track!

Yesterday, Senator’s Orrin Hatch (R-UT) and Ron Wyden (D-OR) and Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) introduced Fast-Track legislation, an anti-democratic procedure that gives away Congress’ Constitutional trade authority to the President. All the while, the vast majority of Americans (75%) think that current “free… Read More

STOP The Corporate Ag Bill

Senate Bill 12 further entrenches foreign ownership of Missouri farmland and moves forward a very unpopular and unnecessary beef check-off tax! Last year, we all took action and got Governor Nixon to veto an agriculture omnibus bill  that was bad… Read More

TPP Action Alert

STOP Secret “Free Trade” Corporate Sell-Outs Stop the Trans-Pacific Partnership! Congress is currently considering a new sweeping “Free Trade” agreement—the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP)—that has been negotiated in secret and is being “fast-tracked” through Congress. Since “fast-track” authority was granted,… Read More


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