History & Talking Points

In 2006, California passed the “California Global Warming Solutions Act”, which resulted in California’s “Low Carbon Fuel Standard” with the goal of reducing the release of carbon into the earth’s atmosphere.

In a bad and misguided proposal, the California Air Resources Board (CARB) proposed rules that would allow corporate factory farm dairy and hog operations (anywhere in the country) to sell the methane created in their operations into this system as a supposedly carbon-negative fuel.

Since 2022, MRCC has been organizing to stop the California Air Resources Board (CARB) from including fuels derived from factory farm gas (bio-methane from dairy and swine manure) in it’s Low Carbon Fuel Standard. It’s been greenwashed as “biogas” or “renewable natural gas,” but we know what it really is: corporate factory farm gas.

There are many negative consequences that come from this illogical and counterintuitive proposal, and here are two of the big ones:

  • Incentivizing by commoditizing factory farm pollution and paying factory farm corporations for the methane they produce would fuel MORE factory farms, causing MORE methane and greenhouse gases, MORE water and air pollution, and MORE corporate consolidation.
  • This proposal would create additional overproduction of pork and dairy, pushing market prices even further down for independent family farms. Currently, the overproduction of pork and dairy and resulting low prices have been devastating for independent family farm livestock producers.

You can help us stop this harmful proposal!

Here’s an article in the Los Angeles Times from 2022, which quoted MRCC:

“This isn’t going to solve our climate problem,” said the Missouri Rural Crisis Center, a group that argued to the California Air Resources Board that it is hurting family farms in the Midwest by rewarding industrial hog operations there that generate colossal amounts of methane. “This is going to be another incentive for the industrialization and corporatization of livestock markets.”

Please click HERE or the button below and tell them that including factory farm gas in California’s Low Carbon Fuel Standard would:

  • Incentivize more corporate factory farms, harming family farmers, rural communities, and our environment.
  • Create more corporate consolidation in the U.S. livestock industry.
  • Commoditize methane production, which would fuel more methane producing practices.
  • Create additional overproduction of commodities, pork and milk, increasing supply and further pushing down market prices paid to independent family farms.
  • Pay foreign multinational meatpackers, like Chinese-owned Smithfield and Brazilian-owned JBS, for their pollution.
  • Create incentives for the public (taxpayer dollars through government subsidies) to fund anaerobic digesters to capture factory farm gas.
    We could go on and on about how this is a BAD idea, but we will leave it at that.