The Gaby Patch Kids program is a collaboration between MRCC, Windsor Street Montesorri SchoolChef Gaby, and Patchwork Family Farms.  The goal of the program is to create a safe, creative space where youth can use fresh local ingredients to make food for themselves and their family.  They learn cooking skills, knife handling and health and safety requirements.  They developed an appreciation for what they can do themselves with local ingredients to make delicious exciting food.

Local Sources for 2022 Summer Program

A shout out to Clovers Natural Market for helping us source local!

Gaby Patch Kids Get Cooking!

Gaby Patch Kids Discover Real Chocolate

Gaby Patch Kids Learn about Arepas Part 1

Gaby Patch Kids Show Off

Gaby Patch Kids Meet Rhonda from MRCC

Gaby Patch Kids Learn about Arepas Part 2