Corporate control of our food system by way of corporate control of our democratic process is bad for farmers and consumers, our communities and economies, our national security, and our environment and climate. It’s time for a drastic change in the policies that got us here:

“It’s policy that got us here,” Gibbons [with MRCC] said. “And it’s going to be policy that gets us out.”

He attributed much of the influence over policy decisions to a handful of corporations that hold control over large sectors of the food industry.

“Corporate agriculture likes the narrative that things just happen … They leave out the corporate lobbying power, the corporate campaign power,” Gibbons said. “And the more power that they have in the market, the more power they can have over our democratic process. And the more power they have over a democratic process, the more power they can have in the market. So it’s exponential, it grows upon itself.”