Family Farmers Applaud Biden’s Commitment to National Agriculture Day and

Urge Further Action for Independent Decentralized Food System

(March 22, 2022) – In recognition of National Agriculture Day, President Biden has issued a proclamation highlighting his administration’s efforts to bolster a competitive and diversified agriculture industry and celebrating the contributions of family farmers, ranchers and other individuals working in agriculture. This follows recent commitments from the federal administration to invest in independent family farmers, ranchers and processors. In response to Biden’s proclamation, Tim Gibbons with the Missouri Rural Crisis Center, a membership organization representing rural farming communities, issued the following statement:

“President Biden is the first president in years to speak out about the harms of corporate consolidation in agriculture in a meaningful way and we’re grateful to see that reaffirmed today. We look forward to seeing the administration continue to tackle the deeply rooted issues of corporate control that currently prevent family farmers from getting a fair share of agriculture and food markets.

“Consolidation in agriculture isn’t just a problem for farmers, though. It’s a problem for all of us, from workers in processing plants to migrant farmworkers to families facing food insecurity. Corporate control of agriculture endangers America’s rural environment, jeopardizes the health and prosperity of rural communities, and threatens the safety and affordability of food for all.

“Celebrating farmers on National Agriculture Day is just one part of advancing our nation’s commitment to a fair and competitive food system that works for all. There’s still a lot left to do to support farmers as well as workers and consumers, but we’re finally on the right track. We look forward to partnering with the Biden administration to ensure that future legislation and USDA policies help make this commitment a reality.”


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The Missouri Rural Crisis Center is a statewide farm and rural membership organization founded in 1985 with over 5600 member families. Our mission is to preserve family farms, promote stewardship of the land and environmental integrity and strive for economic and social justice by building unity and mutual understanding among diverse groups, both rural and urban.