Is this a joke, or does the National Pork Producers Council (NPPC) think we’re stupid? Once again, NPPC is lobbying for the multinational meatpackers, in this case, arguing for increased line speeds at packing plants.

This article claims “small producers” will be disproportionately impacted and that the U.S. pork production system is “characterized by robust competition”.

The truth is, increasing line speeds are good for the monopolistic meatpacking industry, an industry in which over 70% is controlled by 4 corporations, and the top two (who control 50% of the industry) are foreign corporations. In one generation, and thanks to the NPPC’s lobbying to pass anti-family farm policies, 83% of U.S. hog producers and 88% of Missouri hog producers have been put out of business.

Small farmers and robust competition? Not even close. Instead, they should tell the truth about their agenda: corporate control and corporate profits at any and all costs.