JBS, a Brazilian company and biggest meat processor in the world, recently purchased the second largest lamb processing facility in the U.S.

Why does this matter to you? Because JBS is already the largest beef processor in the U.S., the second largest pork processor, owns Pilgrim’s Pride poultry, and (according to this article) is the largest lamb importer into the U.S.

This buyout will have major impacts on foreign control of our food system, including increased control of both the cattle and lamb industries.

JBS’s monopolistic control of markets allows them to import more foreign meat into the U.S., pushing down prices paid to U.S. farmers, take more control of our food, put independent livestock farmers out of business, and seize more control of our democratic process.

And this isn’t by accident–this is their blueprint and strategy. The more control they have, the more control they can take.

Western Congresspeople are demanding an investigation by the Department of Justice. Tell your Congressperson to support this investigation; the future of our country and rural America depends on it.

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