The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) will not be moving forward in Congress because everyday people like us raised our voices against corporate power and prevailed over the mass of corporate lobbyists.

There had been the expectation that Congress would try to pass the TPP during the “lame duck” session, but they abandoned this strategy for one reason: they knew it would lose because the American people (us) overwhelmingly opposed it!

Family farmers and rural citizens spoke out in a united voice against this proposal to flood our country with imported meat, undermining U.S. producers and consumer choice and bypassing our food safety laws. Here are some examples of what was at stake:

  • TPP would have stripped our democratic rights to enact policies that protect us, our natural resources, our economy, our food, livelihoods and property rights.
  • TPP would have attacked local control.
  • TPP would have bypassed the U.S. Constitution plus federal, state and local laws with global, corporate tribunals that would overrule our democratic processes in the name of protecting corporate profits.

The Missouri Rural Crisis Center is proud to have been a part of this broad coalition of community, labor, environmental, farm, consumer, faith, human rights and the many other organizations that worked tirelessly to help everyday people raise their voices and oppose the TPP. This victory is hard proof that when we stand up, speak up and take action to protect our core values we can achieve big things!

We are committed to continue to fight for family farms, stewardship of the land and strong rural and urban communities-where people have the power to set the course of their lives 

Let’s celebrate this big victory and get ready to stand together to take on the big battles in the coming year!