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Take Action Here to STOP Big Ag Mergers — By September 18th

Please Comment on New Proposed RulesThis is your chance to make your voice heard on the new proposed rules that aim to stop corporate mega-mergers...

2023 Mid-Year Update

Building Power to Win—A Voice for Missouri Farms, Food, Communities & Democracy.   Time sure does fly—it's hard to believe we’re already in...

June 11th the Deadline to Stop the False Labeling of Imported Meat!

Thank you for those of you who have already taken action on this comment period! The deadline is approaching, so, if you would, please help us...

Comment Period Extended! Animal I.D. is back & Why it Matters to All

*USDA has extended the comment period to let them know what you think about mandatory animal identification to April 19th, 2023.  So, If you...

Rising Costs and Who is Behind Them Telephone Town Hall

Click here to listen to the recording of our "Rising Costs and Who's Behind Them" telephone town hall from September 15th. We were joined by our...

MRCC Mid-Year Activities Update Summer 2022

2022 Mid-Year UpdateBuilding Power to Win Support Missouri Farms, Food, Communities & Democracy In 2022, MRCC has been successfully organizing...

Petition to Support Country of Origin Labeling

Country of Origin Labeling (COOL) for meat was passed in the 2008 Farm Bill and was immediately opposed by the multi-national meatpackers. At the...

Country of Origin Labeling American Beef Labeling Act on the Table

Farmer and MRCC member Susan Williams' letter-to-the-editor in the Boonville Daily News. "In the US Senate, a bipartisan group of senators...

Petition to Support Country of Origin Labeling

Take Action to Support Country of Origin Labeling TODAY! Sign Our Petition!Country of Origin Labeling (COOL) for meat was passed in the 2008 Farm...

Country Of Origin Labeling Call TO ACTION

December 9, 2021   Dear Members of the United States Senate: We, the hundreds of undersigned organizations, businesses, and individuals, urge...

Missouri Rural Crisis Center Facts & Focus

Founded 1985

MRCC was formed in 1985 by a group of farmers and rural Missourians organizing to save family farms during the Farm Crisis of the 1980s.

MRCC's Mission

To preserve family farms, promote stewardship of the land and environmental integrity and strive for economic and social justice by building unity and mutual understanding among diverse groups, both rural and urban.

Rural Healthcare Initiative

MRCC members advocate for policies that expand access to quality, affordable healthcare for every Missourian, rural and urban.

Challenging Corporate Control

MRCC members work to counter failures of corporate driven farm and food policies and the corporate-controlled food system.

Family Farm Alternatives

MRCC organizes with independent Missouri hog producers to grow and distribute sustainable alternatives to the corporate food supply system. 

Justice and Democracy

MRCC members work to address social and economic injustice in rural and urban America through democratic engagement and advocacy.

Corporate Factory Farms

This is one of the most important environmental, economic and social issues confronting rural communities is the future structure and practices of the livestock industry.  Will livestock be dispersed across the countryside on farms owned by local families or produced by absentee and often foreign corporations?

Trade Policy

Free Trade policies have resulted in family farms getting paid less and put out of business, while fueling corporate control of U.S. and international commodity markets. MRCC members organize for fair trade policies. 

Environmental Support

Independent family farmers are the best stewards of the land. MRCC works for a system of agriculture which keeps families on the land.

With Your Help We Can Protect Family Farming

All Missourians benefit from:

  • advocacy for wholesome food from Missouri’s family farmers
  • rural leadership to achieve strong rural economies
  • clean water & air
  • increased access to quality health insurance.

All Missourians have a stake in the agriculture policies that affect our food supply, and MRCC empowers rural communities to challenge the power of big agribusiness.

MRCC and Patchwork Family Farms bring Food to Mid-Missouri During Covid

We know the need continues, and we are dedicated to finding ways we can keep helping and advocating for the people, local businesses, and communities that have supported us over the last nearly 3 decades.

Supporting Local Restaurants

Encouraging people to buy from local restaurants and grocery stores that support local farmers by highlighting them on social media and email lists with our #BuyLocalCoMO campaign.

MRCC’s Immediate & Long-term Response to COVID-19

When COVID-19 hit communities across our state, we knew we had to take immediate action to help where we could. Our initial response was to provide family farm pork to those who lost their jobs, were underemployed, or simply up against it. All in all, we distributed nearly 10 tons of Patchwork Family Farms pork to people in over 20 Missouri counties, as well as served 2,500 hot meals to families who really needed it.

Access to Family Farm Food

Get people the family farm food they need by distributing Patchwork Family Farm Relief Boxes.

Family Farms vs. Corporate Ag

The pandemic has spotlighted the lack of resiliency of our current corporate food system and how they care little for the vast majority of people out here, while again demonstrating the need to relocalize.

Taking on Corporate Agriculture

Organizing to demand that public stimulus funding goes to independent family farms and local businesses in need, not corporate Ag.

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