Rural Healthcare Initiative

Rural Missourians face unique healthcare challenges—older populations, lower incomes, less access to employer sponsored health insurance, higher health insurance costs in the private marketplace and less access to healthcare services. MRCC is focused on continuing to build our capacity for rural healthcare organizing and advocacy and increase greater support among rural citizens for policies that expand access to quality, affordable healthcare for farm families and every Missourian.

Medicaid Expansion & Rural Missouri

It is critical that we make sure that they understand the importance of Medicaid Expansion for rural Missouri.
MRCC members have regularly testified at House and Senate Medicaid Expansion interim committee hearings. Our farm & rural members delivered fact-based testimony that spoke to the positive impacts of Medicaid Expansion on farm and rural families and rural communities.

  • Rural Missourians face unique healthcare challenges—we have older populations, lower incomes and less access to employer sponsored health insurance.
  • Farmers are more reliant on the individual, private marketplace than the population at large (30% vs. 8%)and farmers rely on the costliest types of policies.
  • Without Medicaid Expansion, rural hospitals are facing deep cuts, layoffs and potential closures. Missouri hospitals will lose nearly $400 million in 2014.
  • When farm and rural families do have access to health insurance, they pay more.
    Medicaid Expansion will create over 20,000 jobs—many of them in rural Missouri.

Currently individuals without children cannot qualify for Medicaid at all, & a family of 3 cannot qualify if they make more than $3,711/year.

As we approach the next legislative session, we need your help to get Medicaid Expansion done & protect the health and well-being of farm and rural families & rural economies: a Missouri solution to a Missouri problem.

Support Medicaid Expansion for Family Farmers & Rural Citizens!

Rural Missourians face a lack of affordable, accessible healthcare because of our lower incomes, older populations, higher costs of health insurance policies and less access to providers. Medicaid expansion will make quality healthcare available to many farmers, rural families & communities & will save the state money—approximately $348 million in the first three years.

Please Call YOUR State Senator & Rep TODAY!

Tell them to Medicaid Expansion—Support farm families and rural Missourians and their communities.

Please Call the Capitol Switchboard with your address @ (573) 751-2000